Saturday, November 29, 2008

Afternoon Tea

A tea pot, raspberry, mint, vanilla, herbal tisanes, the boys ate the flowers on the plates, two long hours with scones and pastries, milky comment on the table, drinks coming with blue confused eyes, enjoying with a Victorian hat, celebration tea, Missing my little table in front of the window, with homemade cakes, and a sky looking at us. Jealous husband about my Lady Anne tea, Grandma is watching the nephews, she's getting mad about the sugar cubes, my black dress talks about my 30's, I will open my heart for the next ten years. I refuse to not show my feelings, since that's the reason we have them. Happy birthday chocolate at the closing door from a Jamaican girl a call from that gypsy kind woman. She bring me fresh air from the south.

I feel the same my brother...You miss the lemon curd, but it's time to let it go. I'm touching this elbow, with certain truth, I'm not able to run, I'll stay... Sweet gifts of Jazmin tea in my eldest years.

Las Iniciales

Así me imagino el lugar donde el cuerpo se separa de esta realidad, entrando a un edificio tallado en mármol de blancos puros, llegando a un...