Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to find the Beauty?

How to find the beauty?

In the absence of pain, in the curiosity about the other who is in front of you and you don´t want to see because without curiosity for the basic nature for your neighbor you can´t see more than your life because life is a conjunction of shared experiences. When I arrived at this country the urgency to open my door and look inside the culture fed this new way to observe - not just to observe the city in a spectrum of monumentality or the “big” knowledge at the universities. Instead, It is a practice of looking for the “beauty of those small stories of life” of the youth of this city. Asking a lot of questions directly, I can say that not everyone is just looking to aesthetically enhance his or her life. This new youth is looking for interconnections beyond race or economic status, but, instead, through the emotions and experiences - not in solitude anymore, I think in communion. To define this new youth that I observe in a contemplative way the intimidators are something of the past and the seducers take the city with art, with books, with bikes, with instruments, with science, with food.

“To know who we are we need to know how we are connected”   -James Fowler

Searching for a new knowledge where the individual cares about all the details.  All its beauty is in the intimate practices that he or she makes, shares and connects. 

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