Monday, June 12, 2017

"A Cosmetic Decision" Juan Camilo Guzmán

“I shop as an artistic practice. What I like about the things I buy is their attitude.” Juan Camilo Guzmán (Bogotá, 1987) wrote about his exhibition “A Cosmetic Decision” where he problematizes the subject of “surface,” as the very superficial layer. Analyzing, observing and collecting, he frames visual information from different sources. Guzmán finds preciosity in "Stuff"-- objects that exceed the mass trans-cultural market, which we can all recognize in (our present). Objects like a finely wrapped Iridescent eyelash curler in silver from Forever 21, a bag of gummy worms, a pink dolphin, a sentence such as  "Devour me Again " [Devórame Otra vez], from "Aesthetic power" or "Mystery Journey".
The basis that can describe a Latin American artist is the understanding of his context, to experience in his own sensitivity and the use of his own time, the personal reflections that can be opened in different interpretations. Not define in a studio, instead of in the experience of his time.

 Juan Camilo Guzmán likes Colombian salsa, which he exchanges in Karaoke moments, when he sings and admires Mexican short stanzas of José José, tennis once a week, discussing soccer in WhatsApp groups of "Los Millonarios" and the "Real Madrid," asking you dichotomous questions (where you can only choose one answer), creating the perfect mustaches and beards for everyone, (even if you cannot grow one), infinite hashtags for a single Instagram image —wearing short dresses and wigs. He does not like the sand on the beach, nor even getting wet in the rain, natural disasters or when people run even a few minutes late. He has a big golden duck crown, as a ring, that has accompanied all in the streets of Chicago. Guzmán received his MFA in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016.

 I do not know how to win, but I try
Perhaps I don´t risk as much but, I dare
If someone defines me, I ignore
If I lost, I recognize”

Grupo Niche/Colombia,1986.

“A Cosmetic Decision” by Juan Camilo Guzmán

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