Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"I Clean your bathroom for a fair price"/Paulo Nazareth Sala de Espera/ Project # 4/

Project # 4 Sala de Espera: “I clean your bathroom for a Fair price”/Paulo Nazareth

Paulo Nazareth is an artist who has been walking from Brazil and the rest of Latin America to bring the dust of these places to the United States where upon arrival Paulo sold bananas from Guatemala out of a van at the Art Basel Fair in Miami Beach, 2011.  Paulo Nazareth´s work occurs through his exploration of cities and subsequent translation of social issues through observing and enacting social experiments, which create trans-cultural connections between distinct societies.  His processes are participatory as he walks, establishing himself for a short time within a space. Through his process, artistic contemplation takes place at any moment of the day. “I clean your bathroom for a fair trade” is a sign that Paulo Nazareth has been carrying with him, to which he says –“It is true, It is my business, I am a business man”- he has carried this sign throughout the city, beaches, as well as art shows. The result: looks of disappointment – Acting as a mirror to those around him, Paulo begins to connect, in our minds, to an image of a unique portion of this society- the unemployed and those without resources.   Represented by a sign, poverty holds a very negative connotation here in Southern California, where being poor brings with it a  “Guilt” – A guilt held by those who live it sent from the eyes of others and the blindness from those who intend not see it. It is true, poverty exists in the United States and it is devastating because there is no structure of support or rehabilitation to change this reality. The individual that is poor is alone and he or she wears “guilt” for their decisions. 

Sala de Espera reactivates its activities with Paulo Nazareth - first artist in residence

Paulo Nazareth (Governador Valadares, 1977) lives and works in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais/ Brazil.  Graduate in Drawing and Engraving at Escola de Belas Artes da UFMG/2003. Student of Linguistics at the Facudade de Letras, UFMG.  Student  of Mestre Orlando artist and popular professor from Bahia, located in Belo Horizonte. Listening to his mother and talking with friends is part of his process. Awards and exhibits include: JACA residence in Canada, Jardim Art Center and Technology Nova, 2010, Member of collective Kaza Vazia Traveling Art Gallery. Art Basel Miami Beach 10th Edition Art Fair 2011 participant with the piece “Banana Market/Art Market”. Currently, he is developing the project:  “Noticias de America”, which consists of his route and travel from Brazil to the United States.

Taller zona Imaginaria residence 2011 Buenos Aires / AR
Familia Calel  residence 2011 San Juan Comalapa/GUATEMALA
Taller Multinacional  residence 2011 DF/MEX
 Sala de Espera residence 2012 San Diego/ USA

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