Sunday, April 29, 2012

Performance of-> Mute/Gate/Dither/ Tristan Shone/Performers -> Judith Pedroza, Marilia Maschion, Sam Lopez, Bobby Bray, Jason Begin and Tristan Shone.

Performance of-> Mute/Gate/Dither

Performers -> Tristan Shone, Marilia Maschion, Sam Lopez, Bobby Bray, Jason Begin and Judith Pedroza .

This new body of work by Tristan Shone, "Mute/Gate/Dither", focuses on a set of voice-modulating masks, which will be performed on by a small group of performers, alongside piano. The masks physically influence the performer through both electromechanical and passive means, while still maintaining a fully acoustic nature. The performers for the two pieces to be performed, "Tigers and Lions" and "I pain myself", are: Jason Begin, Bobby Bray, Sam Lopez, Marilia Maschion, Judith Pedroza and Tristan Shone.
Show Dates: March 30-May 5, 2012
Main Gallery and rotunda Gallery
2011 San Diego art Prize reCiPientS
Jay Johnson
adam Belt
RuBén oRtiz-toRRes
tRistan shone
opening reception:
Friday, March 30, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
the san diego art Prize is funded by the san diego Visual arts network.

Tristan Shone from Judith Pedroza on Vimeo.

Photos: Mark Gusmann

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